The Grasses


Cool-season grasses, like Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue, are very popular in southern Nebraska. These grasses will green-up early in the spring and remain green late into fall or early winter. However, these grasses tend to struggle during the hot and often dry summer months.


The warm-season grass buffalograss is becoming very popular. Warm-season grasses are preferred in many instances due to their increased drought tolerance over cool-season grasses. However, warm-season grasses do not green-up until late spring and will go dormant in early fall.

Grass Characteristics

Buffalograss Tall Fesuce Kentucky Bluegrass
Water Requirement Low Medium High
Drought or Heat Strategy Will go dormant. Will not survive extended drought. Will go dormant.
Drought Recovery Excellent Poor Very Good
High pH Tolerance Excellent Very Good Poor
Heat Stress Tolerance Excellent Very Good Poor
Disease Problems Few Some Many
Thatch Accumulation Not a problem Occasional issue Needs regular cultivation
Summer Color Green to light green Dark green Highly variable genetic color